sweet crude


The Lighthouse

Sweet Crude Bill ~ A Tall Tale for the 21st Century!

Walking tall among the high rises and freeways of the future, Sweet Crude Bill & the Lighthouse Nautical Society have risen from the ashes of the Oil Age to reanimate the great spirits and tall tales of our great nation ~ with guitars blazing and engines full steam ahead.

The members of the Society began playing music together in the warehouse counterculture of San Francisco just after the turn of the century. Their overdriven party sessions mashed up country - folk - classic rock - indie - rockabilly - grunge - metal - and topped it with unhinged microphone ballyhoo.

The legend of Sweet Crude Bill came to life during a summer stayover at a Virginia farm and art commune, originally as a series of rum-soaked porch songs about oil, honor, and nautical adventure.

Harnessing the wild energy of warehouse rock and the tall tales of Sweet Crude, the band crashed their ship on the rocky cliffs of the Bay Area music scene in 2006, winning over devoted followers one heart at a time.

Their live shows incite fervor and ecstasy in their audience, like a drunken big tent revival in the venerated tradition of raucous American folk gatherings. Bill works the spirit with a commanding reverence as the band holds the audience steady with an thumping, melodious rock-and-roll heartbeat.

The sound of Sweet Crude is part American folklore, part San-Fran-Psycho, and just enough wild-west rockabilly to keep you dancing for one drink more.

"Billís journey is the American journey filtered through wildcatting, rum and whiskey, steel guitars, forgotten dirt roads, merciful angels, and all that is iconic about rock and roll. With similarities varying from Johnny Cash to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to traditional sea shanties to Jimmy Rodgers, this is music of merit." - monkeyclaus.org

For bookings, tickets, interviews, please contact bill@sweetcrudebill.com